The Museums Day

Today I went to several museums at Jakarta. I want to know more about the Indonesian history and its heritage also. Now, go ahead to know more about my journey . .


First stop is Museum Nasional Indonesia located at Central Jakarta. I was go the by Transjakarta and stop at Monumen Nasional bus stop. From the way you arrived, just look at the left side than accross the street to enter this museum. Personal ticket for adult is 5.000 IDR and  2.000 IDR for children. 

After bought the ticket, visitors have to deposit their stuff such as big bag, umbrella, and everything. But you still can bring your camera inside for sure :). At the beginning, this museum well known as Museum Gajah because of the bronze elephant statue in front of the building. People also called Gedung Arca because it has various kind of statue from some periods. At September 1962 this museum change as Musem Pusat then finally on 28 Mei 1979 its became Museum Nasional. Unfortunately, when I came, there was construction in several palces. So I can't visited Gedung Arca and the upstrair floors of Museum Gajah.

Musem Nasional
Medan Merdeka Barat 12 Street
Central Jakarta

the customer care
banking tools
with Hermes gods
Next is Museum Bank Mandiri located at West Jakarta. From the Museum Nasional Indonesia, you just go back to the Monumen Nasional bus stop then continue trip by Transjakarta to Kota bus stop. Exit from that bus stop, you have to walk to the right side from the exit door, straight ahead not far you will found this museum at your left side. In front of the enter doors, visitors will meet the 'customer service' that look like as an ancient bank on Dutch era in Indonesia. Lucky me, when I asked how much the ticket for adult, the officer asked me the question like this. Do you have a Mandiri Bank account? Yes, I said. Then the officer gave me a paper and pen to write my name and how many person came along with me to enter this museum. For the Mandiri Bank account holder it is FREE..! Inside the museum, visitor can see the old type machines such as ATM machines, photocopy machines, bank tools, ancient currencies (numistatic), and so on about the bank at that times. Fyi, the buildings ornaments, interiors, and furnitures are still pristine as when it was founded. 

Museum Bank Mandiri
Lapangan Stasiun 1, West Jakarta 11110
Tel. +62 21 690-2000
Fax. +62 21 690-0993

My last destination on this day is at Museum Bank Indonesia. It is near from The Museum Bank Mandiri, you just need to walk to get there. For me, this museum is great, it has a good interior, complete history and heritage about money and development of Indonesian Bank itself and free of charge! Every single things inside made me feel like I was not be inside the museum. To enter this museum you just have to prepare yourself to get so many knowledge and desire to expand the horizon to know more and of course the full-charged camera to take many photos!
BI logo

Museum Bank Indonesia
Pintu Besar Utara Street No. 3West Jakarta
Ph. 62-21- 2600158 


ticket and pamphlet

Come and visit these beautiful museums at Jakarta as your vacation while learning with all your family and friends..!
I ❤Jakarta  

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