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I went to Universitas Indonesia at Depok to join a music festival. Yeah, it is The 37th Jazz Goes To Campus. I got a splendid jazz-experience ever! There are  three stages available for more than 20 musicians' performance from the afrternoon until midnight.

At that moment, I enjoyed RAN in the afternoon. They sang one of my fave song is Dekat Dihati as closing performance. Everybody enjoyed their performance even there was so hot outhere and we can not use the umbrella (yeah ofcourse :D). I want to tell my own funny experience while enjoying them. So, at the hot afternoon firstly I can not regale their performance because I was bitten by a mosquito! Haha, I felt itchy and try to scratch my leg over and over again until my friend realized then asked what are you doing? Why you always bowing while you are singing? 

The next performance followed by Kunto Aji. He sang a lot of  lovely song from the past of our era. Mmm, you can say it as Lagu Anak 90an. So adorable, he made those songs in his own style as jazz singer. He also sang his own song is Terlalu Lama Sendiri.

On the night, I enjoy Syaharani and Queenfireworks a.k.a ESQI:EF. Woohoo, Syaharani with her amazing voice riveting the audience and made all of us move our body and sing together with her. After hers, we had Tjut Nyak Deviana and Friends. She played piano and  as the team, they gave the amazing jazz performance as lagu national, lagu daerah, and medley the 50s old songs.

There was a so so many people there to see their favorite musician. For me and my friend, we went there to see and enjoy Tulus' performance. Oops wait, did you know Tulus? Yup, Tulus is an Indonesian most promising jazz singer. For the first time, I heard his song is Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya then continously I fallin' in love with all his songs because of the light real lyric and easy listening music and the most important thing is his voice. He has a gorgeous jazz voice and attractive stage performance. The audience became closer each other to saw Tulus as close as they can when he appeared on the stage and started to sang his song are Sepatu, Gajah, Kisah Sebentar, Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya, and one of his recently outstanding lovable song is Seribu Tahun Lamanya then closed by Sewindu.

Oh ya, I live at Jakarta. I go there by KRL from Stasiun Karet to Stasiun Universitas Indonesia only 8k IDR per person. The venue is a litle bit far (for me) from the Stasiun UI, but you can reach it by walking from the shortcut track inside the campus or by following the road to FEUI.

Let's feel The Ultimate Jazzperience..!

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