Big Hero 6

I am Baymax
your personal healthcare companion.
- Baymax

My fave movie of the month.! I went to the cinema twice time to see this movie again and again. :)

Yeah, Baymax a cute white oversized robot made by Tadashi is a splendid invention to diagnose and treat people, especially to Hiro, his brother. 

This movie also tell about how interesting being nerd, love to reading a lot of books, and doing many experiences at laboratorium to create a new usefull (unimagine) invention for human life. 

The point is, don't worry to be different from the other and still doing what you believe until you did it then show them who you are.

Does Baymax could be real? If it does, I can wait to meet and hug you, my cute B..!

The Big Hero 6 Cast
Baymax & Hiro

Watch the official trailer below..

Hei, wait..
is it a 'true' Baymax who I can hug with?

Me and Baymax

 I can not deactivated until you say, 'You are satisfied with my care'.
Well better, I satisfied with my care.
- Baymax and Hiro

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