Jazz I'm In Love


ticket n booklet
I went to Universitas Indonesia at Depok to join a music festival. Yeah, it is The 37th Jazz Goes To Campus. I got a splendid jazz-experience ever! There are  three stages available for more than 20 musicians' performance from the afrternoon until midnight.

Big Hero 6

I am Baymax
your personal healthcare companion.
- Baymax

My fave movie of the month.! I went to the cinema twice time to see this movie again and again. :)

Yeah, Baymax a cute white oversized robot made by Tadashi is a splendid invention to diagnose and treat people, especially to Hiro, his brother. 

This movie also tell about how interesting being nerd, love to reading a lot of books, and doing many experiences at laboratorium to create a new usefull (unimagine) invention for human life. 

Inviter Quelqu'un

Aujourd'hui, j'apprends comment inviter de la person puis donner une répond. Regardez les images dessous

Lisez les messages dans l'invitation.

Dr. Seuss The Lorax

Let it grow
Let it grow
Let the love inside you show
Plant a seed inside the Earth
Just one way to know its worth
Let's celebrate the world's rebirth

Dr. Seuss The Lorax is an animation movie was released on 2012. It is a comedy-family movie tells to us how to save the Earth. Story started by an existence of Thneedville, a fantastic city that was made of plastic and fake. Everything! No nature, no living trees, they manufacture their own trees. There is Mr. Aloysius O'Hare, a man who know how to sell air. Because they know the air in Thneed Ville is not so clean. So they bought and proud using the 'manufactured air'.

Ted Wiggins is a boy was so impressed when his neighbour, Audrey showed him her colorful-painted-trees in her house and told him she want a real living tree in their town so everyone can see and touch of their tufts. She really want these real living trees grow in her backyards. Then, she said will marry the guy who got her dream comes true.