Dr. Seuss The Lorax

Let it grow
Let it grow
Let the love inside you show
Plant a seed inside the Earth
Just one way to know its worth
Let's celebrate the world's rebirth

Dr. Seuss The Lorax is an animation movie was released on 2012. It is a comedy-family movie tells to us how to save the Earth. Story started by an existence of Thneedville, a fantastic city that was made of plastic and fake. Everything! No nature, no living trees, they manufacture their own trees. There is Mr. Aloysius O'Hare, a man who know how to sell air. Because they know the air in Thneed Ville is not so clean. So they bought and proud using the 'manufactured air'.

Ted Wiggins is a boy was so impressed when his neighbour, Audrey showed him her colorful-painted-trees in her house and told him she want a real living tree in their town so everyone can see and touch of their tufts. She really want these real living trees grow in her backyards. Then, she said will marry the guy who got her dream comes true.

Ted asking to his grand-mother, Grammy Norma where he have to go to get tree. She said he need to find the Once-ler, he lives in the outside of their ville. Finally, Ted standing in front of Once-ler door house, push the bell button, and listening a long long story about what happened before.

Once-ler was leaving from his home to find the perfect material for Thneed. And in a one day, he found a paradise, which is the most beautiful place where plants, trees, animals, and other living creatures live together naturally.

He decided to cutting down a tree to make Thneed an sell it. But, he was unsuccessful then surrender to sell his product. At the same time, a lot of people was realized that everybody needs a Thneed. It is a usefull product for everything in their life. Suddenly, Once-ler business was growing so fast until in the end he had to cut the whole tree that is to be used as material for Thneed.

The Lorax is a yellow-mustache creature who came out from the first cutting down tree by Once-Ier have arguing with him about the nature life in that 'paradise'. Everything was gone, there was only one Trufulla tree left that have to face the last cutting machine. Nothing left.

Times continued until Once-ler bussiness end. His mother told he was let her down. All of his family left him alone because no more trees, means no more material to make Thneeds to bering out much money.

After He told the story to Ted, Once-ler give Ted the last Trufulla seed and told he needs to plant that seed in the middle of the town where everyone can see.

Ted, Grammy Norma, and Audrey fight them self to plant that seed while trying to avoid Mr. O'Hare who wants to crush that seed. Everyone rejected Ted's idea until He drove a huge excavator to hit the barrier wall of Thneed Ville. It is a huge damage of nature, no life. Everyone shocked by what they saw and took attention to Ted's speech.

Finally, they realized they did wrong and let Ted to plant that the last one tree seed in the middle of the town as a start for new hope of life.

For me, this is a unbelievable movie that all ages have to watch to make us be aware about our Earth. We live here, we used the natural products to stay alive, but we have to maintain our Earth still good. Do not destroy the nature by cutting trees and left it no replanting. Let it grow..!


The fact is things aren't prefect here in Thneed Ville. Its going to get worse, unless they do something about it, unless whe change our ways. We can start, by planting trees. 
-Ted (Dr. Seuss The Lorax)

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