My Music Dictionary, SHAZAM

Hallo Music Mania..!!

Do you like to listening music on the radio?

Want to know more about the song you heard on television?

Want to sing the theme song, back song, and soundtrack from your favorite movie right now?

I would like to review about a amazing music application named SHAZAM.

Shazam is an application to detect the singer and the title of the music you heard from radio or television accurately.

I just know about this application, and I think this application should be installed in your smart phone. I am an iPhone user, for get it just go to your App Store and search 'Shazam'. Clik download and the enjoy your time to explore this application.

First time to try, I was listening to the radio while using this application to check it is working or not. Just play a music and touch to Shazam. Voila, it's works..! This applicatioan said Rude by Magic! and this is absolutely right..! The other advantages are listener can use this application to read a lyric while sing a song. And know about the music details by scrolled down your screen. The another info for the albums from the singer, and even their next concert schedule around the world..!!

Shazam result

For further information, please visit Shazam official website.

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