Samalona Island

I've got my schedule flight to Makassar [again]. I was so exiting because we will go to a beautiful place there.

I stayed at the hotel on Jalan Chairil Anwar. today I will go to Samalona Island to enjoy the beautiful beach and say hello to the cute fishes inside the sea. yes, SNORKELING time..!

sand, rainbow, sunshine, and me
from my hotel, by using taxi I went to Fort Rotterdam. it is a pier and the meeting point with the boat owner. it was needed around IDR 10.000 - 15.000 for it.

rented a boat, it is needed maximum 20 minutes to reach the Samalona Island. we have to spend IDR 400.000. on the boat, don't forget to tight your hair up. because the wind make your hair tangled :D. wear your fancy sunglasses to protect the eyes especially, if you accross the sea at the noon.

boat stopped, I got to a place! yey. welcome to the Samalona Island.

Samalona island
Samalona is a small island in the Straits of Makassar, precisely on the southwest coast of South Sulawesi . administratively, this island including the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi. position more precisely located on the west district Wajo, Makassar. to reach this island could use fishing boats (boats with outboard engines) and required travel time not more than half hours.

inside the island, you will meet some people who rent lodges, snorkeling stuffs, even a stair. because I just doing some kind of short trip, so I don't need a place to have a rest. herewith some stuff I borrowed to get wet.
- wetsuit IDR 30.000
- life jacket IDR 10.000
- snorkel and shoes IDR 50.000
- stairs to go down from the boat to the sea IDR 30.000

on the way to snorkeling spot
I still say wow during sitting on the bench under the huge trees enjoying the beautiful white-blue beach which have sparkling water by the sun. then, the boat owner asked to go tho the spot. I jumped to the bathroom to wear the suit. everything was on set, shoes on, snorkel ready, bag stayed, and boat starting to go. can' wait to touch you, mr. coral.

from the island, need aroud 10 minutes by boat to go to the snorkeling spot. we paid IDR 50.000 for this.

boat stopped, so let's go wet! enjoying the underwater life by my own eyes.
it is so so so beautiful.

  can't wait to have the other trip to enjoy My Indonesia.

sun goes down,
this island say goodbye to everyone with wonderful color . .  

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