The Secret Why Prayer Should Be In The Start Time

Prophet said, "The most loved by Allah are the prayers on time, kindness to the parents, and jihad in the path of Allah." (Bukhari & Muslim)

According to experts, every movement of the prayer time, along with changes in natural energy and felt through changes in natural color. These conditions can affect the health, psychological and others. Here's a connectioan between prayer at the beginning of time with a natural color.

The Early Morning Prayer (Fajr)
At the dawn of time, nature was a light blue color in the spectrum corresponding to the frequency of thyroid (thyroid gland). In the science of physiology, the thyroid has an influence on the metabolism of human body systems. Light blue color also has its own secrets relating to the fortune and how to communicate. They are still fast asleep at the dawn of time will face the fortune and communication problems. Why? Because the thyroid can not absorb light blue in nature as spirit and body is still asleep. At dawn call to prayer rang out, this natural energy is at an optimal level which is then absorbed by the body, especially at the time of bowing and prostration.

Noon Hours (Dzuhr)
Environmental change and this yellowing effect on the stomach and digestive system totality. This colors also have an influence on the heart. The yellow color has a secret connection with a cheer. Those who are left behind or missed Dzuhr prayer repeatedly will face problems in the digestive system and reduced cheerfulness.

'Asr Time ('Asr)
Environmental changed color to orange. This is quite a significant effect on body organs ie prostate, uterus, ovaries / testes and ovaries are the reproductive system. The orange color in nature also affect one's creativity. People often miss 'Asr time will decrease the power of creativity. In addition, the reproductive organs will also lose the positive energy from the natural color.

Dawn Time (Maghrib)
Environtmental color turns red. Usually at this time we hear a lot of parents' advice not to be outside the house. That advice is true because at the time of Maghrib arrived, the spectrum of colors in harmony with the natural frequency of the genie and demons. At this time, the genie and the devil are very powerful because they come vibrates with natural colors. Those who were on the way should stop for a moment and do the Maghrib prayer first. It is better and more safely because at this time many distractions or an overlap of two or more waves of the same or nearly the same frequency and can lead to a mirage that could interfere with our vision.

Night Time ('Ishaa)
At this time, the color of environmental transformed into indigo and further into the dark. 'Ishaa time has a secret order and peace in accordance with the frequency control system of the brain. They are often left out when 'Ishaa will often feel anxious. For that's when nature began shrouded darkness, we are encouraged to rest this body. With sleep at evening, we were in the Delta waves with frequencies below 4 Hertz and the system enters the body breaks.

After midnight, environtmental begin to shine again with white, pink and purple colors. This color change is consistent with the pineal gland (pineal body, an endocrine gland in the brain) pituitary gland, thalamus (symmetric structure in the midline of the brain whose function includes conveying sensation, special sense and motor signals to the cerebral cortex, along with regulation of consciousness, sleep and alertness) and hypothalamus (part of the brain that consists of a number of nuclei with a variety of functions that are sensitive to steroids, glucocorticoids, glucose and temperature). So should we get up again at this time to work on the night prayer (Tahajjud).

source from here with adapted changes.

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