Fashion Terms

Ready to Wear/Pret-a-Porter
Most of clothes we see at the shop called ready to wear or in French called net-a-porter or busana siap pakai in Indonesian. This term used to explain collection from one label that mass producted and usually created by standard clothing size such as S, M, L, and others.

Haute Couture
This term is reverse from ready to wear, it means high dress making. Haute couture used to interpret line custom made by designer to their clients. A haute couture dress only made by request depends on clients' size. So, you know this clothing line is very luxurious, exclusive, and one of a kind. In Paris, there is a organization named Chambre syndicale de la haute couture that determine who designers can undertake a show couture, because it has some rules. Here some rules must followed by designer to join with the other couturier:
- offering service custom made to client, ensure fitting and design made is one of a kind.
- designer have to make one new design for their client, and required to do fitting as necessary for it to complete one design made.
- have atelier or workshop in Paris which employs 15 (fifteen) local people full time.
- in one year, disgner have to make two shows for media in Paris. Their collections must be amounted to approximately 35 items for day time wear or evening wear.

Fashion Season Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter
Fashion trend determined by west countries which is have four seasons. So, this fashion still follows their need who stay there. In one year, clothing label will definitely held two big fashion show are Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. For Spring/Summer collections, clothing label usually have light collection which is suitable for this seasons. Bright color, lightweight materials, and choosen desain more lead to holiday. Whereas for Fall/Winter, usually choose darker color and use fur and leather as materials, and boots. During the transition between these seasons, some designers release mini collections such as Resort and Pre Fall as sneak peek for the next big collections.

Fashion Faux Pas
The words faux pas in French means doing violation to againts existency of social policy/norm, from customs, rules or ethics that exist. Whereas fashion faux pas means when someone stuck in a situation or appearance does not match with the dress code or current trends. This terms popularized by Louis XIV, in his reign, he likes dance performing. So, whoever dressed did not match with dress code on his dance party will be outcast.

The “It” Things
This terms used to explain all things happening, most stylish and most coolest this time.'It' can used ranging for explaining trends, designers, collections, socialiate, actor to singer.

In the beginning, fashionista has a little bit negative meaning is to explain someone shopaholic and follow all trends without have their own personal style. Nowadays, media use term fashionista to clarify someone who has their own personal style, created their own trends, and able to combine high fashion with vintage collections. These girls have stylish style and do not dictated by fashion itself.

'The glitterati packed the red carpet', usually glitterati gang always seen leading at fashion show, red carpet, cover fashion magazine until gossip magazine. This group usually consist of celebrities, socialites, editors, and fashionista which all fashionable and glamorous.

Androgynous Style
As a woman, we can wear men clothing and make it as one of our personal style. Androgyny or androgini in Indonesian is a style which inspired by men clothing, ranging from silhouette, material, until colors. Some of fashion items can wear for this style are blazer, straight pants, bow tie, until Oxford shoes.

Fashion Du Jour
Fashion du jour is the one of famous fashion terms usually heard. Words du jour is French means today. So, fashion du jour means today's fashion or the lastest fashion.

source from Fimela

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