How To Improve Your Smartphone's Battery

Dial down the brightness or set it to automatic
Turning down the brightness helps you increase your smartphone's battery life. Also, you can set the brightness level to "adjust automatically", which allows your phone to dramatically dial up or doen on the brightness depending on your surroundigs.

Keep your smartphone away frorm high temperature
Higher temperatures will cause your smartphone's battery to degrade much more dramatically over than cooler temperatures will. Keep your phone away from direct sunlight or being hotboxed in a stuffy car will increase your battery life considerably.

Turn off the features you don't need (Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, LTE)
Blluetooth, GPS, LTE, and Wi-Fi are all wonderful things, but you don't need to use them all the time, and when they aren't in usethey're killing your battery.

Stay out poor-signal areas (or use Airplane mode)
Activing Airplane mode will turn off your phone's celllular radio (along with Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi). You won't be able to check your email or make and receive calss, but it's a good tricks of you are running low on battery and passing through a relative dead zone.

Use built-in power management software (or download some)
Some phones come preloaded with apps designed to increase your battery life and if your phone doesn't come with any battery-saving softare, you can always download one from the apps store.

Check for email on your own
Don't make your phoone fetch your email for you. Set your email update schedule to manual and check on it yourself. This way your battery isn't in constant use is your phone pings the servers every few minutes.

Update your phone's software and apps
If you've ever paid attention to the find print when updating the software in your phone, then you've probably seen a line buried Airplen Mode in there about improve battery life. The same goes for apps, which are often updated to use less energy. Making sure you're always up-to-date is one of the easiest ways to save on battery life.

Close out background apps
Use your phone's multitasking abilities to fulyy close out of any apps you're ot using. If there are some appsyou always use, you can keep those kicking around in the background for faster access, but chances are you have a ton of stuff open that you haven't used in weeks.

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