My Umraa

say good bye to August ,
and hello to September ....

hi everyone ,
marhabba ,
welcome to Jeddah ...
I just arrived in King Abdul Aziz International Airport (JED) ,

at indoor temperature ,
everything's felt same with Indonesia ,
but wait ,
please go out there ,
and feel the atmosphere ..
so so so hot ,
my soft lens suddenly became dry ,
so I have to blink my eyes again and again ...

I stay in Al Muhammadiyah Distric Jeddah
near Jarir Mall ..
in here ,
the temperature could be reach until 100 F ,
wow ..!
extremely different in my country ,
need more time to adapt ..

ok now ,
I want to tell my unforgettable moment in my life ,
alhamdulillah ,
in my day off duty ,
I can go to the most beautiful place in the world ..
Allahu Akbar ..
I said ,
Labaik Allahumma Labaaik, labaaik Laa Syarika Laka Labaaik Inal Hamda Wan Ni’mata Laka Wal Mulka La Syarikalah….

from Jeddah I went to Mecca ,
to go to Baitullah ,
see Ka'abah with my bare eyes ,
and praying in Al Masjed Al Haraam ..
subhanallah ..!
I got chance to do Umraa ...

I left my room about 10.30 pm ,
and got taxi around one hour to get here ,...
as always ,
I slept during the journey ..

subhanallah ,
although still sleep ,
I was feeling creeps to go up the stairs ,
and then ,
I saw Mecca Royal Clock Tower ..
subhanallah ,
then I went to toilet to took wudu ,
after that ,,
I said bismillahhirrahmannirahiim ,
I entered in the Al Masjed Al Haraam ..
praying sunnah ,
and still do not believe I was here ,
said subhanallah, Allahu Akbar, and talbiyah did not stop in my heart .

get ready to start doing tawaf ,
seven timesaround the Holly Ka'abah ..
with praying different seven times ,
and say Bismillaahi wallahu Akbar when walking and passed the Hajar Aswad ..
after that doing sunnah praying ,
and everyone here in long and hard queue to touch, kiss, and praying in Hajar Aswad ...

next ,
I started to doing Sa'i ,
that is little running or fast walking from Safa to Marwa seven times ,

hour by hour ,
finally I finished my Sa'i and praying in Marwa hill ,
my Umraa finished and closed by doing Tahallul ,
it is cutting my few hair ...
that is a symbol that my Umraa worship is done finished orderly sequence ..
alhamdulillah ,

after finished all needed in Umraa ,
I went back to Al Masjed Al Haraam ,
waiting for subuh adzan ,
and started to praying subuh jamaah ,

subhanallah ,
alhamdulliah ,
thank you Allah ,
I can go to Your Holly House today ,,
for first time ,
and I will go there again and again if I can ,
Allahu Akbar ,
syukraan ...

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