How To Do Lapor Diri WNI Di Arab Saudi

marhabba ...

this is Jeddah ,
as an Indonesian citizen ,
I have to make a report as well known as Lapor Diri WNI to the Consulate General of Indonesia in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ...

you know ,
to make this report I have to do so so many efforts to deal with it ,
first of all ,
I want to say to you ,
yeah ,
everyone know that Jeddah is so hot ,
so do not forget to bring some water to drink while the procces ,
and bring an umbrella if it needed when you looking for some store to photo copy or anything ..

with my experience ,
I want to tell everyone how to do this report as Indonesia citizen that working in Saudi Arabia as Flight Attendant .

first step is preparing the documents photo copy ,
in my experience ,
I need to prepare these :
- 2 close up photo size 3x4 (prepare for size 6x4 too)
- 1 copy passport
- 1 copy visa
- 1 copy ID card
- 1 Kartu Tanda Penduduk (Indonesian Identity Card) for ensure the home address in Indonesia

of course do not forget to bring pen to fill the form ,
and bring a stapler if it possible ,

yellow form (Formulir Lapor Diri WNI Di Arab Saudi)
arrived at the building ,
and say to the officer that you are the flight attendant Indonesian citizen working for Saudi Arabia Airlines want to report your self ,
make sure you come in a group ,

inside the administration ,
looking for the employee and ask for the yellow form ,
after you get it ,
please fill the blank with your data ,
and collect it with 1 copy passport, 1 copy visa, 1 copy ID card, and photo ..
give these all documents plus original passport to the employee ,
and the office will process our report about one until two days ,

while your passport is in the office still process ,
please have a copy with you to prevent the unwanted circumstance .

everything finished ,
copy visa
and can go home soon ...

oh ya ,
one more things ,
when you doing the report ,
please do it before zuhur praying time ,
because the office will closed for a moment to pray ...

have a nice day with your report guys ...!
Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Al Moallefeen Street
Al Rehab District 5
P.O. Box 10
Jeddah 21411
Saudi Arabia

for more information ,
please click here ...


  1. Alhamdulillah satu per satu mimpi km tercapai, :))
    sekarang udah pake Hijab, jangan dilepas yaaa,
    only thing i can do is always pray for you, May Allah always be your side :)

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