Initial Training

halo ,
long time not writing in this blog ..
so so so busy day and month I think ..

now I would like to tell a little bit my experience to being a "new person" ..
yeah ,
one of my dreams ..
it's becoming true ,

this journey start from April 2013 ,
when I was go there to register my self ....

there was so many good looking people ,
beautiful ,
gentlemen ,
smart ,
and of course experienced .

me ?
I just have fully hope and sincere intention to be ..
and surely off course is pray from my lovely Mooms ,
I love you Mooms ,

waiting until getting pale ,
because of extremely hungry since tomorrow I didn't have any food ..

Phase I done !
they impress to me  , 
so happy !
alhamdulillah ,
they waiting me to complete all documents before deadline ..

Phase II ,
I have to fulfill the requirement soon ,
doing test ,
collect the original and other things ..
prepare and copied all document ..

Phase III ,
this phase need full energy and ..
money !
here I come for Medical Checkup ..
huhuhuu ,
they take my blood and check everything in my body ..
alhamdulillah ,
the result is I am fit to the job ..!

Phase IV
all needed documents were collected by them ..
then they said, "congratulation, prepare your self to star training in this building on May 2013" ..
speechless ,
said alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, and alhamdulillah again ..

name tag

Phase V
leave my Testing Family ..
I think I was the youngest one ,
and all of them treat, teach, and care me a lot ..
everything about Testing World ,
and life .....

Phase VI
on May 2013 ,
I was start my Initial Training ..
wow ,
wonderful here ..!
this is really the new world for me ,
new friends ,
new environment ,
new material for study ,
and new hope ......

day by day passed ,
until the Examination Day for Initial Training come ..
study hard is must !
pray to Allah ,
and also ask fro blessing from my Mooms ,

alhamdulillah ,
I've passed the Initial Training Examination with score 95,5 point ..!
I think it was wonderful ,
gift from God for my all my effort and honesty that my Mooms always push to me ..

our sweetest smile

now ,
I'm getting ready to pass the next phases are Continued Training and OJT in Bangkok ..
hope that will be better ,
and I can do my best ..

after that ,
I can't wait to fly and "Do It By Heart" with my sweetest smile ...

Kop Khun Ka ..

it's because of You ,
this dream came back again ,
and waiting to become a reality ...


  1. good luck, never give up... make your dream comes true :)