The LEGO Batman Movie - An One Package Superb Movie

I saw that movie trailer last month on the cinema.

He sang and dance like a crazy,

How cute !

I must going to the cinema again to enjoy this movie. It must be funny and cute i think, but actually it is more that I expected.

Hi Batman, I wish I could meet you . .

As we know, the story of the movie won't far from the villain who wants to destroy Gotham City, fight with the criminals, ended with Batman safe the city {again). Yes, that's true. But, it has something more.

So, I go to the cinema to watch The LEGO Batman Movie. All seat almost fully booked, two or three bottom row still empty, but I don't wanna to take that seat. Thanks God, there is one vacant seat at the corner on the top available. Take that without thinking twice!

Alfred, a guy who Batman grew up with, was realized that Batman fear to being a part of family. Batman resist that, he always say, Batman works alone, all the time. Everything is going as the regular one, until he meet the orphan, Richard 'Dick' Grayson. Bruce Wayne decided to adopt Dick. But, Dick doesn't know Bruce Wayne, his foster father is Batman.

Dick was super excited when Batman asked him to involve in his action against the villainy in the Gotham City. In other hand, there is Barbara, a daughter of Gordon who replace his retired father as Commissioner Barbara Gordon. She has an idea to create a team with Batman to protect the city.

Joker, an evil clown and his squad insist to fight with Batman to crush Gotham City. Batman, who always works alone finally changed his mind and realized he need someone else to protect the city. Batman, Dick, Barbara, and Alfred are united to face Joker squad, they make the city safe again.

For me, this is not only an animated-cute movie, but a family-for all ages movie with some lessons. Batman is always alone since he was child. He brave to face his greatest fear, to being a part of family and friends. He scared to feel lost someone again. But, with their friends around, he changes his mind. This movie make me believe that we can't standing alone, we need the others to help and happy. Because when we happy, we can do anything even the small one, but we can spread the happiness to the other. Sometimes we need someone else to make us think twice and make a change. So, keep yourself around with positive people and be the better person.

Thank you Batman, 


watch the trailer

after this, put on your shoes and going to the nearest cinema to watch this. a whole things packaged in one superb movie..!

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