Meningitis Vaccination

why meningitis vaccination is needed ?
vaccination aims to avoid infection of virus and bacteria. meningitis is an inflammation of the lining of the brain and spine that can be caused by bacteria or viruses that can cause serious damage to the nerves, brain and spinal cord. 

meningitis vaccination is highly recommended for who are traveling to high-risk areas of bacterial origin such as Saudi Arabia and some countries in Africa. prospective participants umrah and hajj are required to receive a meningitis vaccine before leaving to prevent meningitis. beside them, air crew were great recommended to do so.

it is advised to get the vaccine at least two weeks before departure because of antibodies formed at that period. don't get arrive there but the antibodies not formed yet.

how to do vaccination
people can get the vaccination at port health office where located in some cities in Indonesia, click here to see the list. before get there, people have to prepare these:
- 1 copy of passport
- 1 copy of identity card
- 1 passport photo
- bring previous International Certificate of Vaccination (ICV) (for holder only)

go to the nearest port health office then get there as early as you can. I went to Soekarno-Hatta Airport Health Office address at airport office area and arrived there at 7am. wear your short sleeves blouse, or another outer easily to take off. why? because it will ease the doctor to inject at your upper right arm.

looking for the registration table and tell the officer you want to get a meningitis vaccination. the officer will give you a form to filled up and give it back by attached with those three document you've been prepared. after that you'll asked to queuing while have to check your blood pressure and keep the receipt. then you'll get your queuing number.

the announcement will call your number to go to the examination room, the doctor will ask some question, like
- what is your intention to go there, work or worship or other
- do you will go to the another county, to Africa maybe?
- when last time got period (woman only)
- any allergic or illness complaint

ICV a.k.a Buku Kuning

walk out from that room and have to go to the payment counter. oh ya, don't forget to tell cashier that you have ICV and show it. this way is profitable to cut IDR 25.000 for ICV publishing. so, I just paid IDR 280.000 for all.

wait again until your number called to enter the injection room. in this room, doctor will inject your arm, then show them your ICV. after check, doctor will give sign to your new validity of vaccine.

for the last, you have to give that ICV and all document to the officer at ICV publisher counter. actually, this counter will give the ICV for new comers, but for previous holder, you just need to update the validity inside which authorized by doctor. the officer will call your name and say hello to your updated ICV. :)

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