Hello Kitty Adventure

hai Hello Kitty lovers . .
especially for you in Jakarta,
I went to the ONLY ONE Hello Kitty theme park in Indonesia.
it is Hello Kitty Adventure at Dunia Fantasi Ancol

from West Gate,
I entered to the Ancol Gate for IDR 25.000 per persom at weekdays.
after that, I was going to Dufan ticket booth and spent IDR 195.000 for Regular entry.

the gate open at 10.00 am, show the ticket then the officer will give you stamp for passing the gate.
inside the location there is so many recreation spot,
Bianglala, Istana Boneka, Kora Kora, Dufan Glow and so many more..
fun, exciting, and challenging your self!

Hello Kitty Adventure gate is not far from the entering gate at the Dufan,
it open from 12.00pm till evening . .

here some pictures taken by me and my friend inside the adventure . .
enjoy !

it also have small theater inside with wide screen playing Hello Kitty and friends short movie.

 Prof Hello Kitty making some chemical experiment.

 before left the adventure, don't forget to take picture in front of the castle

it have 'HK Monumen Nasional' and 'HK Big Ben'

standing exactly in front of the Hello Kitty Adventure . .

you also can sit next to Hello Kitty inside the huge apple..!

I really enjoyed every single step inside this adventure,
Hello Kitty everywhere..!
come and have fun with this cute kitty ..

for more info please open Hello Kitty Ancol page.

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