Lagi . . .

aku jatuh lagi
setelah lebih dari setengah jalan dan samar ku lihat tujuan akhir itu
sakit sekali
aku malu
aku sedih
aku .....
tidak dapat berkata lagi

apakah aku mengecewakan mereka?
sakit memang
maaf akan aku

tapi ini tidak akan lama
aku pasti bangkit
berlari kembali untuk mencapai tujuan akhir itu
yang selalu ada di dalam hati, doa, dan pikiran ku

tunggu aku disana
aku pasti datang

Money Changer at Jakarta

Hallo Bloggers,
How are you..?

Today I would like to share my experience to all of you that need to find a great Money Changer at Jakarta. This place is not to big located at one of shopping center in Jakarta but don't worry because the rate in here is always good (in my opinion :D
). Beside that, it has some superiority are quick service and not only open at weekday but also in weekend (saturday and sunday). I ever change Saudi Riyal and US Dollar in here.

For US Dollar if the condition is not quite good or it has stamp, the value will deducted around Rp 25 per sheet of money.

It is ...
PT. Valuta Artha Mas 
Money Changer
ITC Kuningan Floor 1C 10 Number 06
Prof. Dr. Satrio Street
Jakarta 12940
(021) 57935407 - 57934583

So, please come here by yourself and proof it..!

The Secret Why Prayer Should Be In The Start Time

Prophet said, "The most loved by Allah are the prayers on time, kindness to the parents, and jihad in the path of Allah." (Bukhari & Muslim)

According to experts, every movement of the prayer time, along with changes in natural energy and felt through changes in natural color. These conditions can affect the health, psychological and others. Here's a connectioan between prayer at the beginning of time with a natural color.

The Early Morning Prayer (Fajr)
At the dawn of time, nature was a light blue color in the spectrum corresponding to the frequency of thyroid (thyroid gland). In the science of physiology, the thyroid has an influence on the metabolism of human body systems. Light blue color also has its own secrets relating to the fortune and how to communicate. They are still fast asleep at the dawn of time will face the fortune and communication problems. Why? Because the thyroid can not absorb light blue in nature as spirit and body is still asleep. At dawn call to prayer rang out, this natural energy is at an optimal level which is then absorbed by the body, especially at the time of bowing and prostration.