Universal Children's Day

hello children in this world ,
aloha ,

ofcourse included me as a (always) little girl ,
hope so ,
haha ...

today in the morning ,
when I woke up then take my iPhone to check my social media ,
I read a post from a community of children in Jakarta about special day, today .

now is 20 november ,
it is proclaimed as Universal Children's Day by the United Nations since 1954 ..

for related information you see from these :
- wikipedia
- children coalition

what do you think guys ?
have the rights of children are met ?
recognation who they are ,
where they are come from, no discrimination ...
did they got an appropriate education for our future life ?
_________________ ...

these are we have to do for you ,
children ...

as adult ,
I have to give you an example about life ,
so you can see and know how it works and what the way to do ...

I have to love you more ,
so you can feel that someone love you and never think you are alone ...

I have to teach you to being the best ,
so you can do all your best and being a useful person for anyone else ...
thank you Google

I have to tell you for never being affraid if you did not doing wrong ..

I have to let know how to asking and begging to someone else ...

end ,
the last but not least ,
I have to make you sure about all your dreams ,
first ,
you have to positive thinking about that ,
second ,
you have to believe it deeply in yourself
third ,
you have to keep trying in your ways to catch it with all your efforts and pray to God ...
believe me ,
God knows the best and see how hard you trying ,
never let your dreams just always be dreams ,
chase it ,
make it happen ..

this is my letter for you ,
children ..
because you are the next generation for our life ,
and I have to make sure that everyday is the fulfillment of children rights, wherever and whoever you are ...


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