Madame Tussauds Bangkok

now ,
me and my friends have day off work ,
so we went to Siam to go so many amazing place you must see in Bangkok ..

let's go guys ....!
start with BTS to Phaya Thai and continue by change train to Siam ,
walk a little bit then we will get the Siam Discovery ...
soon go to the 6th floor to buy ticket ..

I bought ticket COMBO-2 ,
it's price 1.690 THB for adult ,
this is kind of packet ticket, you will get :
- Madame Tussauds
- Siam Ocean World
- Photo 6x8
- Glass Bottom Boat
- 5D Cinema
- Wax Hand

awesome ..!

Madame Tussauds
inside Madame Tussauds
as I know, Madame Tussauds is a wax museum with the super stars in from around the world. in Bangkok, you can see Tata Young, Royal Highness, Jackie Chan, Lady Diana, Soekarno, Ronaldo, and many more.

Siam Ocean World
welcome to Siam Ocean World
this is the biggest aquarium I ever saw. so so so many kind of animals lives here. it was feel like nature of the ocean as really habitat of those all animals like fish, prawn, insects, until reptile.

Photo 6x8
feel free to take photo in Madame Tussauds and printed in size 6x8 cm. it is sound great because before printed, I can see the photo from the big monitor by give the coupon then see how cute I am in the picture, if it ok, then ask to print that. :)

photo with Mr President and wife

Glass Bottom Boat
get ready to know sharks more
before entry, I have to queue in long row to get in. while waiting, you will get the orange life vest as a security equipment. we are six persons and two guides getting in the boat inside huge glass directly see sharks under our glass boat.

5D Cinema
watching 5D cinema
in this theater, I wear 5D glasses to watch the movie. all spectators enjoy the movie by the glasses and effect from the shaking seat, sound effect, and strong wind from the bottom. it was cool.

Wax Hand
in this booth you can make a hand wax for free (terms and condition included). shape your hand while it is put in the liquid wax, do not any movements. just wait for minute and your hand wax has been created. but, you have to wait until the wax is dry and finish coloring accordance to your request. for your information, for free you just can have wax hand with your one hand and definite color they provided. it means, if you want more, you have to pay more.. :|

my right wax hand

to enjoy this packet ,
I have suggestion to you to go the from the morning about 10am you already there ,
because it is so many wax sculpture, ocean nature, and everything to have to see and take a lot of pictures..
use the comfortable footwear for your leg ,
coz you will walking in whole day ..
do not forget to bring camera ,
from cellphone, slr, camdig or anything to take a lot of pictures ,
and power bank ,
this is an electronic equipment that can charging cellphone or maybe camera if plug is matched ..

enjoy the packet ,
take a lot of pictures as you can ..

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