First Flight

saa wad dee khaa ,
welcome to Bangkok ..!
let's start with my new life and experiences here ...

I just arrived and Suvarnhabumi Airport at Bangkok that afternoon ,
felt like Jakarta or maybe Tangerang ,
because of this location is near with the airport ...

fire drill
hour by hour passed ,
the day after tomorrow we started to continue our training class,
it's about these :
- human factor and crew resource management
this materials concerning about threat and error management at cabin during flight

- safety management system
it's about quality assurance, safety management, and emergency response 

- slide drill
sit on ground under the aircraft
practical for each crew from doing pre-flight check, door mode, close-open door, and the most fun for me is when I was slide down from the aircraft to the ground by using inflated slide

- wet drill + fire drill + oxygen drill
swimming with life vest. please take fully attention while flight attendant doing safety demonstration before flight. maybe as passenger we think it was so simple, but be careful when had an accident then we have to help our self and the others. O.o

enjoy the class
the yellow life vest must fully inflate by pulling the trigger or user have to blow from the rubber pipe. did you know ? as a flight attendant, we have to swim with backstroke method while pulling sick or even the unconscious passenger to the nearest safety area or until get the raft.

as a beautiful flight attendant, I have to do fire fighting when there is fire in the cabin. because of that, I have to practice fire drill, it is a practical to use fire extinguisher to stop the fire on the cabin. the bottle is quite heavy and I have to ensure the bottle always in the upright position and doing sweeping motion.

portable oxygen bottle is a green bottle connected with hose then end by mask with rubber to tight. I have to know how to use this equipment to help passenger in flight until passenger getting better.

after that, I continue with flight observe and then OJT ,
and the last ..

July 25, 2013 ,
the day I can not forget ,
this day is my first flight as flight attendant in uniform ,
serving and assist passenger on board ,
I was smile a whole day ,
wear my neat uniform attached by my name tag and wing .

Hong Kong in the morning
all these three duties I did give me chance to go to Hong Kong ..!
yeah ,
life must go on from one airport to the other airport ..

finally, I've got everything needed ,
wing + name tag + uniform + crew certificate = flight attendant
alhamdulillah ,
I went to Suvarnabhumi airport and Don Mueang airport at Bangkok Thailand ,
Chek Lap Kok Airport at Hong Kong ..
stay at Bangkok about a month ,
saw Hong Kong at night ,
it was wonderful ..!
Hong Kong is a great city with colorful light, high building, river, and surrounded by mountain ..
at Boeing 767
The City of Nights (Lights) ...
a Symphony of Lights ..

after finished all job ,
I have a conversion class into Boeing 767 ,
with this aircraft ,
I get a great chance to go to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (IATA: CAN) ,
this is the main airport of Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, China ..
yey ,
can't wait ,
see you there soon ..!

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