High School

People said, high school is the most wonderful time. Is it true? Yeah, it was true! In high school, too many wonderful things we spent together.
Memories began when the situation changed from teens to early adult that will take us a better and mature than before. Changed uniform, increased our knowledge about science, environment, and love.
At high school, everything will feel wonderful, everything was done with friends. It seemed make life more interesting!

All done together, go to school together, eat lunch, pray, even fell in love with teachers, seniors, younger, and our friends. Talking about everything with teachers, watching sports events, competitions, and everything is so beautiful to be forgotten.
Do not waste your high school! That might be one sentence that would be easily to remembered bu anyone because of the high school is the best time to be creative. Do whatever is best at that time, because if not, you will regret it later.
High school is not the end of happiness. Many people think like that because they think all the cheerful and joy will be over and turned into a life of individuality and the changing of life into adult.
High school is a gateway that will lead us into a new life. Because of that, we must live with the preparation, so as not to get lost and failure.
We’re all in this together. And forever we’ll stay together.

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